Shifting Paradigm on Enjoying Online Watching

A few days ago, I got shock when I looked at local channel on my television. Recently, almost all of the TV programs are full of movie series, known as “sinetron”, which have weird title and story, for examples  Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala, 7 Manusia Harimau, etc. What’s wrong with our TV industries? Why do they present many unqualified programs?

I remember that there were many qualified TV programs when I was child. For examples, for movie series, there were Keluarga Cemara, Candy, etc, which the title was taken from name of the main character and the story had many good messages. For educative program, there were some quiz like Family 100, Siapa Berani, etc, which made us gain new knowledge. Whereas in music program, there were Tralala Trilili, MTV (Music Television), Berpacu dalam Melodi, etc, which talked about music evolution, published every new song, and made it interesting by held a quiz. Yes, it’s all 90’s TV program and I am so thankful for growing up in that era.

Nowadays, TV programs focus on their rating than the value of its program. They also get higher profit from high rating programs. Those facts create a change-over in TV industries. Not only the viewers who get the impact of this situation, but also artists. The artists cannot rely on TV program to get their ‘market’. So, what will they do?

For example, Endank Soekamti, one of musician groups from Yogyakarta, prefer to choose Youtube and Soundcloud to get their ‘market’. By uploading their masterpiece in Youtube and Souncloud, they can publish their video clip by themselves. They can publish it in their channel on Youtube and track on Souncloud. Youtube channel is useful to accommodate viewers who want to see their video clip. Whereas Souncloud is to accommodate listeners who want listen their song easily. They get listeners and fans from that media. The fans of them can also write a criticism or suggestions for their evaluation. It is good for their carrier.

The lack of quality TV programs creates a new trend from TV oriented to “online watching” oriented for almost TV viewers. When the artist started to use media online to get their market, they instantly get it.  As a TV viewer, I feel it is more enjoyable, qualified, and simple to watch online than watch TV which is full of weird programs and annoying advertisements. So recently, I spend much time to watch movie in Youtube channel and listen many songs in Souncloud when I am home. I just let my TV off.


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