My Best Nine Photos 2016

Based on my instagram updates, here are my best nine photos~

1. Rumah Gadang, taken in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).


When I was child, we usually went to TMII to have a study tour. TMII is one and the only public space in Indonesia which have various sample of traditional housing, museums, parks, and attractions. It was one of the favorite location to be visited in 90’s, when gadgets and malls not as famous as now.

After one decade, finally I came to TMII again! Yeaayy~ It was because I had a meeting with instagramers which use fujifilm camera. This picture was taken when we was stroll around and had a challenge to take some photos about traditional of Indonesia. So, this is it.. Rumah Gadang, a traditional housing of West Sumatera, Indonesia.

2. Lost in Singapore


The second photo was taken when I traveled to Singapore last December. It was my second traveling to Singapore. I hope I will have third, fourth, fifth, and much time to visited this country. Why? Because I love how they plan, design, and manage their country.

Strolling around Singapore with walking and using public transport are my favorite activities in this country. The facilities of it are very humanism!

3. Art1 Museum


Art1 museum is a new museum in Jakarta which has a lot of painting. Beside to show the painting, they have some scheduled performances or exhibition.

This photo was taken by my friend when I saw and analyzed a painting which like a photo. The painting was very awesome.

4. The crystall in ArtScience Museum


If you are going to Marina Bay in Singapore, you will see a building which has a design like a rose. It is ArtScience Museum. The museum are devided into mini museum with different theme on it.

5. Candra Naya


My first time saw Candra Naya, it looked like hidden traditional house! Because of the location in the middle of Novotel Hotel. Candra Naya (Hokkien : Sin Ming Hui) is an 18th-century historic building in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a home of the last Major of the Chinese of Batavia (in office from 1910 until 1942).

6. Face of Jogja


This photo was taken when I visited “my second hometown”, Yogyakarta. Although I am a real batakness and not have Java’s blood, lived in Jogja for 4 years make me fall in love with Jogja, make me have some of their character, and make me always want to come back to Jogja. So, it are the reason why I called Jogja as my second hometown. What Jogja looks like? Jogja is a humanism city in Indonesia and can make you sleep well in everycorner of this city. HA!

7. Real Jakarta #1


Jakarta is a Megapolitan city. Jakarta always looks like modern, fancy, and high standard. But those are not a real Jakarta. Jakarta have a lot of middle and low citizen which always try to survive to live in this expensive city. Have a hobby in street photography make me meet a lot of them and know them well. This one was taken in Passer Baroe, Jakarta, in the early morning, when people bussy for loading their goods.

8. Guangzhou


Guangzhou is the third big city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. I have visited Guangzhou twice for my business trip. Guangzhou have a good design of their street to manage the various vehicles.

9. Real Jakarta #2


This photo was taken when I hunted a street and potrait photos with my fujifilm friends in Pasar Lama, Tangerang. We went to small alley and found this on leg man who is a tailor. In his ability, he smile to us and request to take a good picture of him. Sometimes I think I need to buy instax, so every time I take a photo of them, I can give one of it directly.

Overall, those photos was taken in public space area wich have interesting attraction. I’m not really like going to Mall, I prefer to spend my time to explore something new. But living in the Metropoltan city and have a lot of friends in here make me not really apathetic with Mall. They usually want to hangout in Mall.


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